3. Contract

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

With a design on paper, you’re ready to hire a builder. Your contract with a builder may be the biggest personal contract you ever sign. But how do you pick the right builder?

When owners are trying to pick a builder, they are usually forced to compare apples to oranges: proposals for different quality levels, for different contract types, different scopes, etc. In order to compare apples to apples you need a framework for comparison and an understanding of proposals and contract types.

YourBuildCoach.com enables you to:

  1. Compare and understand estimates and fees
  2. Get the right builder for your needs
  3. Protect yourself with the right contract

Spend just a few minutes answering key questions and YourBuildCoach.com will personalize the tools and info you need to pick the right proposal:

  1. Estimate Comparison Tool
  2. Builder Selection Tool 
  3. Insurance, Warranty, and Financing Guide

Trusting a builder with a large amount of your money is a tall order. Here are some tips to help:

  • Talk to builders early: involve a builder as early as possible – they bring value to the design process and good builders will identify issues before they arise
  • Collect multiple proposals: don’t just pick the first person you talk to or feel good about.

Don’t pick just on price: be clear with prospective builders about what is included or excluded in their estimate and what defines a change.

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