Plan. Contract. Control.
With Confidence.

With YourBuildCoach on your side, you can avoid costly mistakes and get what you want, without the stress.

How It Works

YourBuildCoach is a user-friendly program that can help anyone plan and control their project. It removes stress and confusion by walking you step-by-step through the entire design-build process, with simple tools and essential information you need to run your project with confidence.

Know What to Ask When

You don’t need to know all the answers – but you do need to know what questions to ask when. When planning your budget, hiring a designer, or hiring a builder, protect yourself by asking the right questions.

Hire the Right Pros

Selecting and hiring a designer, builder, or engineer is a big responsibility. Take out the guesswork with the selector tools and information on navigating contracts.

Control Costs

Simple tools take the mystery out of cost control. Create a Cost Plan, manage your Wishlist/Contingency, and track progress so you can avoid going over budget before it’s too late.

Get What You Want

Ensure your vision doesn’t get derailed. YourBuildCoach makes it easy to plan scope, communicate your vision, and ensure quality.

Inside The Dashboard

The Dashboard provides a snapshot of the status of your project. The user-friendly format makes it easy to see the financial health of your project at a glance.

Expert Support

Our team of construction management experts is here for you. We’ll set you up to get you started and you can always upgrade to VIP status for regular monthly coaching help or even have us do it for you.


As a mortgage professional, I’ve found this to be an amazing tool for our clients to help them take control and educate themselves on the building process. When it comes to the design and build process, there is a lot to think about that can be a daunting. YourBuildCoach not just walks you through each step, but educates you along the way so you understand the process better. I highly suggest this company for anyone looking to build their dream home, in their own way!

Cody Rowe

I have been in the construction development industry for almost 20 years and I have personally had a wide variety of different levels of professionalism in the industry. JP’s ability to deliver a professional, friendly and consistent offering has been of great value to our Local Construction Company. His advice is thoughtful and holds a high standard for building practises and he values constructive relationships. I have and will continue to send clients his way !

Foord Construction Ltd

YourBuildCoach is a digital assistant for helping homeowners monitor and navigate the complexities of their construction project. Having worked with JP for a number of years now I can speak highly of his excellent communication and organisational skills. Project Management is in his nature and you can see that clearly in the tools he has created here.

Russ Barry

JP is a top notch builder who provides exceptional service and expert guidance in his craft! He comes highly recommended and I am confident he will take excellent care of your building needs. A true proferssional!

Seb Kaiser

I’m a Carpenter and Project Manager currently adding a second story onto my house by myself. From what I’ve seen, I wish this was around when I started my reno, the extra hand with the organization of my reno. I am always looking at the budget with every purchase and decision; it’s nice that they have neatly and efficiently laid out budgeting tool. It helps you create a specification for all your purchases like plumbing, electrical and lighting fixtures during setup.

Love it; keep up the good work!

Douglas Paterson

About YourBuildCoach

YourBuildCoach helps homeowners control their big home improvement or new build projects . Even with an architect or builder involved, owners inevitably have a significant project management role and no one on their side. YourBuildCoach is for owners who want to take the uncertainty, anxiety and risk out of their design-build project .

JP Markes, PMP, B.Eng, created YourBuildCoach to help homeowners everywhere. Drawing on years of industrial design engineering and construction management experience, he condensed everything an owner needs into one easy-to-use program.

YourBuildCoach empowers homeowners to gain certainty, assurance, and peace of mind by providing a step-by-step framework of the entire design-build process . Homeowners will feel equipped with all the tools and information needed to make smart decisions and control a project every step of the way.