Dream Home Planning

How to Choose Your Dream Home’s Perfect Lot Location

Before you can build your dream home, you need some land to build it on. Choosing where to construct a house for you and your family takes careful planning and consideration. Each piece of land comes with unique characteristics, remediation challenges, and environmental factors that can significantly impact your home’s design and structure. When searching […]

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Building a New House Truths

5 Truths No One Talks About When Building a New House

When learning the steps to navigate the house building process, there are plenty of resources you can use to seek guidance. With the help of Google and digital platforms, it’s easy to find advice on the most popular topics about building a house. Just type “building a new house” into your favourite search engine. Instantly, […]

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House construction process reality

The House Construction Process – How Long is it REALLY?

The time it takes to build your home is essential to keeping your house’s final cost in check. The longer it takes to build a custom home, the greater the cost of the build. However, keeping your new home construction on schedule is likely the second most difficult task to manage within the house construction […]

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Home Building Systems

House Building Systems: Which One is Right for Your Dream Home?

Building your own house is a lengthy process that requires careful planning and close attention to detail. It also demands that the right building system for your home is selected in the early stages of the design process. And, for those just starting out in the home design and construction industry, it may be surprising […]

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So you want to build a house

So You Want To Build A House…

When I look back at the first time I went to renovate my house, I can’t help but think about how I had no idea where to begin. I had spent years saving and finally had enough money to make that big step. But there were so many things I wanted to do: I had […]

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Have a contingency plan before building your house

How to Use a Wish List or Contingency to Get What You Want

Think about your phone. Imagine you run the manufacturing company that made the phone. Imagine your company is going to create a new phone and sell millions of these phones to people all over the world. So before making millions of these phones, you’re probably going to make just one to ensure it works flawlessly. […]

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What are the Control Accounts and how does it work

What are the Control Accounts and How Does it Work?

How much is your project going to cost? Sometimes it’s a chicken or egg problem: How do you know you can get what you want for your budget? Is your budget enough? What should or shouldn’t be included in your budget? Many homeowners will try to answer this with the chicken… they get something designed […]

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The secret of staying on budget while building home

The Secret to Staying on Budget While Building Your Home

There exists an unfortunate reality that permeates much of the building industry, especially custom home building, and it’s often not talked about.  What is this unfortunate reality? Going over budget. Not just by a little bit, but often by a lot…often even double. Why is it not talked about? When you’re walking your friends through […]

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