2. Design

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” –Ralf Speth

If you fall into the common trap of rushing to start construction, costs will be hard to control and you may forever regret not taking the time to consider some important aspects of design. It can be  hard to know how long design will take, what you’re getting, and how much it’s going to cost. Many homeowners find themselves asking, “How many iterations will it take? What if I don’t get what I’m looking for? What design documents do I need?”

To ensure that the Design phase flows smoothly, you need to:

  • understand and communicate your vision and priorities effectively,
  • pick the right designer for your needs, and
  • be clear on what exactly you’re getting from the designer – that is, what is specified and what is still TBD.

YourBuildCoach.com provides you with three simple tools to help you plan and manage these aspects of your project.  You just need to answer a few questions to unlock the tools you need to control costs and get the design that suits your requirements:

  1. Project Profile
  2. Designer Selection Tool 
  3. Spec Builder

Use these tools with Your Cost Plan from Step 1 to:

  • Stay on budget by designing to Your Cost Plan
  • Get the right designer and the right design using the Project Profile and Designer Selection Tool
  • Know exactly what you’re getting with the Spec Builder

Here are a few bonus tips before we get started:

  • Involve a builder: engaging a builder as a consultant or Construction Manager during design can align design with budgets and catch potential issues.
  • Design is iterative: Especially if quality or cost are important priorities, plan the time and design fees to get it right. Be patient and explore options.
  • An open mind is your ally: Especially if cost or schedule are your top priorities, be open-minded to recommendations and trust the professionals – it is often hard to see how it will all come together but that’s exactly why you’re enlisting the help of experts.

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