1. Plan

“A vision without a plan is just a dream”

Here are the two secrets to avoiding stress and surprises:

  1. Plan what you are going to do and how you are going to do it – before starting design; and
  2. Nobody will do this for you.

Most people figure out basic requirements, get it designed and then find out how much it costs. But rushing into design and figuring things out as you go leads to cost overruns, schedule delays and lots of stress. Most people also don’t know or consider the different methods of project delivery available to them.

You want to use your budget wisely and you want the process to suit your needs. To do this you just need to create a Project Scope and Project Plan before starting design.

YourBuildCoach makes it easy to know:

  1. “What are we going to do?” aka Your Project Scope (step 1.3); and
  2. “How are we going to do that?” aka Your Project Plan (step 1.5).

Your Project Scope enables you to:

  • Communicate effectively with designers and builders
  • Design to a budget
  • Use your budget effectively
  • Make strategic decisions

Your Project Plan enables you to:

  • Be in control
  • Get design-build professionals best suited to your needs
  • Select the best type of project delivery method for your priorities
  • Mitigate stress

Planning and design is an iterative process. This step also walks you through how to refine your Cost Plan strategically and you can revisit any time as you gain more understanding and information.

Let’s get started!

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