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Partner with JP Markes to Build Your vision in 2021!!!

By integrating design, performance and cost, JP will help you build a better house for less, without the stress.

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JP has contributed to the success of numerous award-winning projects in Victoria and Salt Spring, BC

Bring your vision to life with JP and the proven success of an integrated design-build process.

Take advantage of an extended vendor network and your one-stop shop for real estate project management on Vancouver Island and surrounding areas.

Single Family Homes

Multi Family Homes

Cabins & Cottages

Building is now more complex and costly than ever before.

It now requires an integrated approach to achieve cost control, intelligent design, and high-quality construction.

This start-to-finish oversight gets you the most out of your project - without the stress.

Advantages to integrated design-build construction management

Realize your goals: An experienced PM goes well beyond just the “on-time, on-budget approach” to look at the full lifecycle of a project. From planning and real estate, through design, construction, and commissioning, an expert PM digs deep to understand and evaluate your requirements and get you the most value at every stage.

Spare yourself the stress: With complete oversight in the hands of experts – from start to finish – and efficient, transparent reporting, you’ll be free to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities.

Save money: Design to a budget and save on contracts by leveraging strong vendor relationships and extensive contract administration experience.

Save time: Big picture scheduling for the whole process focuses on the critical path to effectively shorten the overall project timeline. 

Mitigate Risk: Your PM offers years of hands-on construction experience and knows what problems to look out for.  With systems in place to plan for and mitigate potential issues, you can trust you won’t end up somewhere you don’t want to be.

Prevent over-runs: a proficient PM monitors contingencies and all project costs, so they can always answer the question “Where are we?”. Transparent reporting and detailed projections help prevent cost-overrun before it’s too late.

What’s Next?

The best projects start with planning. We first deep-dive into goals, requirements, and values to ensure understanding what needs to be accomplished. We evaluate the requirements in detail, create a realistic cost plan, and help make key decisions that will determine the success of your project.

Working together with clients, designers, consultants, and subcontractors, we make certain that the whole design-build process is aligned with your requirements

Sustainability at its finest

Solutions for sustainable building have existed for decades and there are more options than ever before. The hardest part is knowing which solutions are best for your budget and lifestyle.

An integrated design-build approach makes sustainability affordable and stylish. JP will help you evaluate the options and select the most strategic – and stylish – route for you.

Schedule Your FREE Discovery Call Now

Schedule your discovery call below to find out how JP can help

You will be contacted within 1 business day to set up your FREE discovery call with JP

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