4. Control

“There is nothing permanent except change.”

Once construction starts, it can feel like a big ball rolling downhill – it’s hard to stop! Big invoices start rolling in and budgets often increase at an alarming rate.  

Even with the best-laid plans, change is inevitable. Lots of decisions need to be made and as you see things take shape, you may wish them differently. Unknowns become knowns and upgrades are aplenty. 

Owners typically feel out of control by this point. How has the budget changed? How much has been spent so far? How much is remaining?

The key is not to fight change but to have a system to control it. 

All you need to do is:

  • Know how a change is defined by your design-build contracts
  • Confirm if your requests/decisions will change budget or schedule before approving a change order
  • Use your Wishlist/Contingency to stay in control of changes and costs

YourBuildCoach.com gives you the tools you need to stay in control:


  • Decision and Change Order Log
  • Working Budget


These tools give you a clear view of:

  • How the budget has changed
  • Costs compared to progress; and
  • What remains in your Wishlist/Contingency

Let’s get started by understanding change orders!

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