About YourBuildCoach

YourBuildCoach helps homeowners control their big home improvement or new build projects. Even with an architect or builder involved, owners inevitably have a significant project management role and no one on their side. YourBuildCoach is for owners who want to take the uncertainty, anxiety and risk out of their design-build project.

YourBuildCoach empowers homeowners by providing a step-by-step framework through the entire design-build process. Complete with all the tools and information needed to make smart decisions and control a project every step of the way.

It’s about certainty, assurance, and peace of mind for homeowners. We help homeowners control their construction projects by giving them the tools and information to get what they want out of design, budget, and quality.

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JP Markes, PMP, B.Eng

JP created YourBuildCoach when he realized that nothing existed for homeowners to plan and manage their projects. His mission is to help homeowners everywhere have positive construction experiences.

JP Markes YourBuildCoach.com

“After completing a Bachelors of Engineering degree, I was designing industrial components for telescopes, renovating my house, and doing various trade work with a GC. It wasn’t long before I totally fell in love with construction.”

From carpentry to construction management, he has played a key role in the success of numerous multi-million dollar, award-winning projects. When he’s not leading large residential projects or consulting owners, he can be found labouring on his own renovations doing everything from design to labour and most trades in between.

Now with years experience as a carpenter, construction manager, owner’s representative, and as a landlord, he’s seen the design-build process from every angle and has a deep understanding of what makes for successful projects. He first created markHOUSE to offer consultation to owners then Constructive Building Partners for boutique full-service construction management.

“Working as an owner’s representative, I realized the benefits I could offer homeowners. But I could only help a few homeowners at a time so I wanted to distill this experience and knowledge into a step-by-step framework so that anyone could benefit from it.”

“My hope is that this makes construction projects better not just for owners but also for the designers and contractors they work with.”